About US


  • Company History

    In the year of 1959 Mr. Shafqat Ali Malik take a bold decision and starts a new project for manufacturing of medicines. Mr. Shafqat Ali Malik founder committed his whole life to serve humanity.

    A Building at Ravi Road in Lahore the capital city of Punjab was initial plant of company. The company was initially formed as a registered Firm as Unexo Laboratories.

    Unexo Laboratories grew rapidly in the markets of all over Pakistan and in 1979 moved to the new plant location at 9.5 KM Sheikhupura Road, Lahore. In 1987 the said Firm was converted in a Private Limited Company.

    On 30th August 2012 Mr. Shafqat Ali Malik completed his journey and rest in peace (May Allah give him place in paradise). After the death of Mr. Shafqat Ali Malik, his son Munib Shafqat Malik took his father's mission and retained the same policy of Quality and make commitment as

    "We strive for quality, which is our top priority."

  • Scope of Activities

    Manufacturer of Drugs & Medicines (Solid Dosages).


  • Factory : at 9.5 KM, Sheikhupura Road, Lahore.

    Head Office : 234-235- Ravi Park, Lahore.

    Company also has a very vast Ware house at 19/20 KM Lahore Sheikhupura Road, Sheikhupura.

  • Premise Information

    Keeping in view all aspect of future needs, highly skilled Construction Co., constructs the Building. It Consists of Production Building, Stores for Raw Material, Packing Materials, Finished Goods and Quality Control. The Building is properly ventilated and according to all requirements of Health and cleaning system. HVAC System is also installed and working.

Strategy and Vision

  • Our Mission

    To produce High Quality Medicines of International Standard to meet our country's requirement, to save remittances in shape of US Dollars to other countries.

  • Values

    Unexo Labs determines the necessary competence of the personnel performing the work, affecting the conformity to the product requirements, during the hiring process. This competence is ensured through evaluation of the qualification and experience of the personnel and conducting interviews. References may also be obtained from the previous employers of the applicants Training is imparted to all personnels affecting conformity to the product requirements on a regular basis to ensure that they are aware of the relevance of their activities with the quality of the product and how they contribute to the achievement of quality objectives laid down by the company.

  • Business goals and objectives

    Unexo Labs has a solid foundation in the local market of Pakistan. The CEO and the other members of the management have established quality objectives which are reviewed once a year during the management review meetings for their continuing suitability. These objectives are also reviewed to ensure that work is being done to meet such objectives. These objectives are described as under:

    • Reduction of customer complaints.

    • Improvement in customer confidence.

    • Improvement of work environment and safety conditions.

    • Improvement in communication channels.

    • Improvement in employee involvement and performance.

  • Staff & Documentation

    Company has very highly educated staff, totally equipped with latest computers to reserve all records in soft copies and paper copies. Each section has its own record system which will compile after completion of every batch. All sections have Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P’s) to work properly and in order.

  • Technical Information

    Infrastructure of Unexo labs manufacturing plant is perfect in itself containing state of the art manufacturing facilities for tablets & capsules. The company is equipped with latest computerized Machines for Tablets & Capsules manufacturing. Separate warehouses for raw materials, finished products, and Packaging section in each section along with fully equipped Quality Control Laboratory. The factory has also standby generators to provide complete load to the manufacturing and administration blocks in times of need.

    Initiating with a humble beginning in 1959, Unexo labs has expanded the current capital.

  • Certification

    The company got ISO 9001-2008 Certification from Bureau Veritas (UKAS) United Kingdom.

Products and Services

  • Products

    We are the manufacturers of drug products of tablets and capsules dosage form.

  • Quality Policy

    The quality policy acknowledges Unexo Labs' commitment to quality and it's intent to maintain ongoing compliance with international standard of ISO. Unexo Labs comply with statutory requirements and expectation through the accuracy of the results and the effectiveness of it's production service.